Achieve Health & Happiness with Health Coach Lynell Ross

 Are you tired of struggling with your weight, overwhelmed by stress, or need help getting your health back in balance?

As a Certified Health Coach  I can help you. Wellness is not merely the absence of disease, it is having a happy and balanced life-mind, body and spirit.

How is this possible?

As a Certified Health and Wellness Coach, I support my clients by helping them create their own healthy lifestyle. I understand that in today’s busy life, trying to be healthy can be overwhelming. However, I help my clients by removing things that drain their energy, and free up their time to do more of what they want to do. You hold the key to your own health and happiness, but may be missing some information or support. I partner with you to find out what is most important to you. From there we take small steps to make wise choices and create healthier habits. These small steps add up to big changes in your health and whole life.

I’m proud to be a Certified Health and Wellness Coach through the Wellcoaches (R) School of Coaching, a Certified Behavior Change Specialist and Personal Trainer through The American Council on Exercise, a Certified Nutrition and Fitness Trainer, A Certified Happiness Coach, and more. I have the experience and passion to help you get healthy, reduce your stress and help get back your energy, happiness and enthusiasm for life.

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