A Heart Centered Perspective on Your Health

It is time to start enjoying your life, to start living a heart centered life. As a Health Coach, I have learned that a heart centered life means being fully present, mindful, aware of who you truly are, and being as healthy as you can be. When you are honest with yourself, you can forgive yourself for past mistakes, take responsibility for your actions and trust yourself to do better next time, thereby bringing you peace of mind now. When you create a good relationship with yourself, you will have more heart centered relationships with others. 

That is living a heart centered life.

What does this have to do with your health? Everything. If you know what your values are, if you are honest with yourself, then you will make better choices because you value yourself and others. Your health has everything to do with choices. The American Heart Association reports that heart disease is the leading cause of death for most people in the United States. This is the result of poor nutrition, sedentary living and constant stress.

How can you prevent heart disease? Start with your thoughts. The thoughts you think affect every area of your health, especially your heart.

How can you make better choices? Think about these life changing ideas throughout your day.

  1. Nutrition: Do you feel good about the food you eat? Do you eat breakfast in the morning to support brain function and get your metabolism going? Did you remember to drink enough water today? Do you remember to take your vitamins and choose nutritious food that will make your heart healthier?
  2. Fitness: Do you take a walk or do some form of exercise every day? Do you take the stairs or the elevator? Do you park farther away or wait in line for the closest parking space? Do you sit for hours at your child’s game, or walk around the field during breaks? What physical activity can you do today to strengthen your heart?
  3. Attitude: Do you make the best of  things or complain? Do you accept what is necessary to improve a situation or give up? Is your glass half empty or half full? Are you grateful for what you have? What positive statement can you think of to bring happiness to your heart?
  4. Personal Growth: What can you learn today that will improve the physical condition of your heart? Will you read a new book or take a class? Will you take time to face something that you would rather avoid in order to solve a problem?
  5. Fun: What is one fun thing you can do today that will make your heart happy?
  6. Life Purpose: Do you know your purpose at this time in your life? Have you felt a connection between your heart and something you love to do or how you can be of service?
  7. Sleep and Health Maintenance: What can you do to prevent heart disease and other illness?  What will you do to help yourself sleep better tonight? Have you scheduled doctor appointments and kept them?
  8. Social Connections: What can you do today to strengthen your relationships and your heart?

These may not be easy choices. Facing the tough stuff is the hardest part, but if you want to live a quality life with good health, making good choices is necessary. Every choice you make is up to you. If your goal is good health and a healthy heart, you will make the best choices.

On one of the last Oprah shows, I heard Oprah Winfrey say “Every death is a wake-up call to live more fully in the present moment.” I felt that statement in every cell of my body. A few days prior to hearing this, we lost one of our dear friends suddenly to a heart attack at a young age. I have spent the last decade researching and writing a book on heart disease prevention and healthy living because I lost my mother to a heart attack at age 62. In addition, every other member of my family on both sides has suffered or died prematurely from heart disease.

I want to do my part to change this and prevent the losses my family has. Awareness is the key. Learn what you can do to prevent heart disease. Creating a healthy lifestyle that you love is the way to prevent heart disease, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers and to live a vibrant, happy life.  Please visit my Website and photo (11)blog often as I am committed to providing tips on healthy living, stress management, motivation for being more active, nutrition facts, healthy recipes and much more. You can live a long, healthy and happy life. For easy ways to create better health and happiness, check out my book, Health Coach Wisdom-You Have the Power to Be Healthy, visit www.bookhealthcoachwisdom.com.

Follow the lead of my two of my dear friends taking time to enjoy an afternoon out for lunch and a play.

This holiday season spend more time doing things you enjoy with people you care about, and worry less about the stuff that doesn’t matter.

Small steps and healthy choices create your healthy lifestyle.

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