Don’t Despair! Take Control of Your Life and Health

Your Life and Health are In Your Hands Given the past two weeks of watching the Republican and Democratic conventions, one thing is sure-our country is fragmented. Depending on which political side you are on, or if you aren’t on either side, you may feel a sense of despair. The definition of despair is the complete […]

Lose Weight with My Healthy Eating Plan Challenge

Do You Need Help Finding the Healthiest Weight Loss Plan? Now that I have your attention about weight loss, I will let you in on a secret. By eating from the Mediterranean Diet Plan, you can also add years to your life, take care of your heart and lose weight the healthy way. Studies done on […]

Medicinal Marijuana versus Smoking Weed to Get High

It is a myth that marijuana is not addictive and not harmful. Today’s statistics and research proves otherwise. Studies show the long term effects of Cannabis on the brains of children, teens and young adults, a hard fact I learned at a recent class taught at Sierra College for the Foster Kinship Care Education. As […]

A Heart Centered Perspective on Your Health

It is time to start enjoying your life, to start living a heart centered life. As a Health Coach, I have learned that a heart centered life means being fully present, mindful, aware of who you truly are, and being as healthy as you can be. When you are honest with yourself, you can forgive […]

New Fall Workshop: Back In Balance

Please join me for this inspiring workshop: Back in Balance~ Creating Healthy Habits! Did you know that 80-90% of diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers are PREVENTABLE through simple lifestyle changes? Take control of your health and happiness, by joining this empowering workshop When: Wednesday evenings beginning October 21, 28, November […]

Ten Tips to Manage Stress

Stress seems to be the buzz word these days. Everyone is stressed out. Sometimes it feels as though we are in competition to see who is the busiest. In the process of writing my book on wellness, Health Coach Wisdom, I discovered that we have the power not only to manage stress but to eliminate […]

Heart disease is the number 1 killer in America