“Having Lynell’s support has been so helpful to me in making changes. I thought I could get my health and weight under control myself, but I needed someone outside my family and friends that I could talk to. Lynell has helped me in many different ways. I didn’t realize that stress in my life was keeping me from eating and sleeping well. It was a real eye opener for me to stop and understand what was blocking me. I was stuck. Having Lynell as my Health Coach helped me to move forward. I am exercising more, eating well and feel so much better. I knew she had my best interest at heart and that made a big difference. I would highly recommend Lynell Ross to you as a Health Coach.”  ~ W.S., Auburn, CA

“I am so appreciative that Lynell brought her depth of knowledge about diet, exercise, stress management, coping and communication skills to the students of Chana High School. She did a wonderful job sharing information with students that helped them see they have the ability to make small daily choices that can add up to greater health and happiness. She effectively empowered them (and me) to evaluate their healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms to identify areas of strength and areas needing growth. Lynell gave concrete ideas and examples that students were able to put into practice to decrease stress and manage their level of wellness. She is a knowledgeable, compassionate teacher and human who made my students comfortable enough to share their struggles and dreams with her; all the while she offered support, creative ideas and encouragement. My students and I say “Thank You!” Lynell, for sharing your wisdom and your passion for healthy living.” – Nicole Laubach, LCSW, PPS School Social Worker-Chana/Maidu High Schools-Placer Union High School District

“I hired Lynell to conduct a series of wellness classes for our company. Our staff really enjoyed it. It created a bonding experience where staff encouraged each other on their individual wellness journeys!” – Debbie S., Auburn, CA

“Lynell and I have worked together for the past six months. I have worked with other health coaches, but these coaches’ knowledge pales in comparison to Lynell’s knowledge and expertise. Lynell is very supportive and knowledgeable about health and fitness. However, she goes beyond. Her coaching comes from a psychological approach, including whole body wellness and stress management techniques. She helps you create healthy habits from a goal setting perspective that are realistic and produce amazing results. As a result of working with Lynell, not only have I lost almost 20 pounds, but I have more energy and I feel more focused and organized in my life and career path. Lynell’s approach is realistic and works in “real life.” She is there every step of the way with you. I highly recommend working with Lynell. If you feel like you are spinning out of control and don’t know how to get your health back on track or want to exercise but don’t know where to start, definitely hire Lynell for her coaching sessions. She’s an amazing coach and is a very positive and uplifting person who always sees the bright side in every situation!” – Therese Pope, Auburn, CA

“Lynell worked with me for three months last year. I was in a very overwhelming and stressful spot. Lynell had the ability to teach me stress relieving techniques to get through my every day feelings of stress. She taught me to take care of myself and to say “no”, which has always been so hard for me. I now feel in control which in turn brings me peace. Lynell is the best and I have never felt more comfortable talking with someone. Your life will be better if you hire Lynell.” -Michelle Z., Carlsbad, CA.

“Lynell was amazing at helping me to recover from being sick that caused me a lot of anxiety. Her coaching not only helped me with my anxiety, but really helped me to take a fresh look at other issues I was dealing with. I had been suffering with multiple ailments. I have learned so much from her and will continue to use all the tools she has shared with me. Feeling so much stronger and confident. The coaching has helped me to understand so much more about myself.  She is a wonderful coach and makes me feel so safe and secure.” – Diana A., Auburn, CA

“Lynell was hired by our HOA to provide health and wellness classes and guidance for over 100 residents. She is thorough, knowledgeable, and a good motivator, displays great leadership skills in encouraging others to work as team members and has top notch people skills. I would recommend Lynell for health, wellness and related positions as well as directive positions without hesitation. With Lynell’s enthusiasm and knowledge, we have made our later years healthier.”
– José K., Roseville, CA

“Lynell has been a great support to me in the areas of nutrition and exercise. She has shown me that eating right and exercise should not be something I do to achieve a goal but rather a lifelong commitment. She has encouraged me to stretch myself far beyond what I have ever thought possible. I am a true believer in her style of coaching. It works!
– Sandi T., Lincoln, CA

“Lynell never dwelled on my deficiencies, but concentrated on accentuating and enlarging my potential strength in a caring and pleasant manner so that I always looked forward to attending her classes.”
– Joan A., Roseville, CA

“Lynell Ross is a patient and kind instructor with exemplary knowledge and ability to inform and educate.”
– Norman R., Roseville, CA

“I love Lynell for being so encouraging and willing to help. It’s not just a job for her. It is a way of life that has meant a lot to me. ”
– Matha L., Sacramento, CA

“I have lost over 40 pounds and improved my fitness level; just what I wanted when I selected Lynell as my wellness coach. But that is just the beginning. With Lynell’s help I am setting goals and developing action plans to achieve them; from seeking my life’s purpose to letting go of the fat clothes. And “tiny habits” so I can remember to take my vitamins. Lynell’s coaching is gentle and personalized to my needs. Thanks to Lynell I am getting “Back in Balance. – Kim B.,  Meadow Vista, CA