Weight Loss Wisdom

My philosophy about reaching a maintaining a healthy weight is simple.

Diets do not work. Weight loss may happen in the short term, but as soon as you go off your restrictive diet, you will most likely gain the weight back and more. Your overall health — your physical and mental health including your thoughts and beliefs about yourself — is so much more than your weight loss.  If you don’t believe that you deserve to put your health first, you won’t take good care of yourself, and your weight and level of fitness will reflect your beliefs.

Reaching a healthy weight is about lifestyle, and do you want to know the secret to success? Planning and goals help you turn dreams into reality. 

This a magic formula for being well, losing and maintaining your naturally healthy weight, for being physically fit and mentally strong:

  • Decide to put your health as your number # 1 priority – When you care about your health, you will easily reach your healthy weight because you are taking care of your whole self, mind and body.
  • Get reliable nutrition and fitness information so you can make informed decisions.
  • Make a plan that works for you.
  • Believe in yourself and your ability to make positive changes.
  • Set yourself with support: It can be a trusted friend, family member, exercise buddy or coach – Remembering your goals is what will pull you though each day. That is your inner motivation.

The Quality of your Health Determines the Quality of Your Life — How I Can Help.

If you would like help sorting through all the nutrition and fitness advice out there today, and need a supportive person you can trust to help you focus on your health and make a simple plan that will work with your everyday life, give me a call. My clients are amazed at results after working with me for only three months by simply creating a healthy lifestyle. They are happier, less stressed, focused, stronger and have lost weight in a steady and healthy way. It works for them, and can work for you. Contact me to schedule a free consultation, and let’s create a balanced life and healthy weight.

“Having Lynell’s support has been so helpful to me in making changes. I thought I could get my health and weight under control myself, but I needed someone outside my family and friends that I could talk to. Lynell has helped me in many different ways. I didn’t realize that stress in my life was keeping me from eating and sleeping well. It was a real eye opener for me to stop and understand what was blocking me. I was stuck. Having Lynell as my Health Coach helped me to move forward. I am exercising more, eating well and feel so much better. I knew she had my best interest at heart and that made a big difference. I would highly recommend Lynell Ross to you as a Health Coach.”  ~ W.S., Auburn, CA